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Frequently Asked Questions

“Does Alltech Cabinets charge to come out to my house for quotations?”

There is no charge for local quotes covering the entire Perth metropolitan region. We’re also willing to travel to rural areas, which may incur a charge, however this will be communicated upfront.

“How much time should I allow for a quote?”

Typically, most kitchen quotes take about an hour. Laundry and bathroom quotes are usually around 30 minutes.

“Can you provide a full service including trades so I don’t need to worry about a thing?”

We actually prefer to take the full project on. This gives us greater control and ensures all trades turns up when they are booked.

We have a team of competitively priced trades who, most importantly, we know are reliable.

For our larger builds we have registered builders that we partner with allowing us to tackle any project no matter the size.

“Can I use other products not found in your range?”

We do like to use materials from our preferred suppliers as we know products are tried and tested to the highest industry standard.

However, we can source most products throughout the industry to accommodate your needs.

“Can finance be arranged?”

We do have access to finance for all projects, please enquire at the time of quoting and we will put you in touch with our financial services partner.

Also, knowing your financial constraints, it may be possible for us to set our terms of trade to align with your cash-flow to allow for ease of money management.

“Can I pick my own installation date?”

We have processes in place to generate your installation date. However, if we know when you want to have your cabinetry installed then we can most certainly tailor a process to suit your needs.

We do understand that during certain builds time is limited and everything needs to fit within the desired time, so we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

“How comprehensive is your quotation process?”

We try to be as thorough as we can with our quotes and clearly identify all items that are included. If it’s not in the quote, then we haven’t included it in the build.

Your kitchen quote always covers the cabinetry required and removal of existing cabinets. All additional trades are not included unless discussed and included as relevant line items.

Our mantra is to “not over-promise & under-deliver”.

“Do I need to organise council permission for bathroom or kitchen renovations?”

No shire approval is required when renovating kitchens and bathrooms. Both the plumber and electrician will submit their tickets to the appropriate officials at no hassle to you. Enjoy your renovation!

“Are you able to remove walls and alter rooms?”

At Alltech Cabinets, we can arrange all the trades needed for large jobs. When extensive remodelling is required, we will require our registered builder to be involved.

“Will I lose my services for an extended period?”

With any renovation where plumbers and electricians are required there will always be a period where the services will be disconnected. We endeavour to ensure that time is as brief as possible to minimise the impact to your household. In reality most of the work is undertaken when the services are still connected ensuring the ‘down time’ is as brief as possible.

 “Do you offer appliances, sinks or other kitchen accessories?”

We have a full range of all appliances available from our suppliers and also have a great relationship with several well-known department stores who look after Alltech Cabinets clients with competitive pricing.

“Can you provide a flat pack kitchen or any other flat pack cabinetry?”

We can flat pack almost any cabinet and most kitchen; even the more detailed designs.

Most standard range kitchens can be custom designed and ready to DIY. Alltech Cabinets provides highly customised flat-pack kitchens and cabinetry.

Our service team will visit your home to complete a detailed site measure resulting in production drawings being generated to ensure accuracy.

There is no talk of ‘standard 600mm boxes’ at Alltech Cabinets, we produce, as our logo says, “Design that Fits”.

“Can we supply our own bench-tops if we have our own stone mason?”

Alltech Cabinets is one of the most flexible cabinet makers in Perth. We pride ourselves on this ability as we know its what makes us unique in our market place.

That’s why we’re happy to discuss your desire to supply your own benchtops, simply speak to one of our expert cabinetmakers on (08) 9459 0632.