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In most homes, the kitchen is the focal point of the house. It’s a family gathering spot and the heart of the home. Therefore, the kitchen benchtop is one of the most important considerations when designing a kitchen. The kitchen benchtop needs to be functional, reliable and durable while also looking aesthetically pleasing.

Alltech Cabinets stock a wide range of kitchen benchtops in Perth, from timber to stainless steel, laminate, engineered quartz, natural stone and corian. All of our benchtops in Perth are custom ordered and crafted to suit your kitchen’s design. We work with you choose the materials and colours which compliment your kitchen cabinetry and home. We can also work closely with architects, interior designers and contractors who have trusted reputations to ensure that your home is left looking and feeling stylish and modern.

Laminate Benchtops

Laminate benchtops are non-porous, easy to maintain and economical. Laminate benchtops are one of the most cost-effective countertop materials on the market. They are a versatile and come in a huge range of colours (including prints) and are the most budget friendly option. However, they do not react well with heat and can scratch relatively easily.

Corian Benchtops

Corian is a completely man-made acrylic benchtop. Its main advantage is that it can be moulded seamlessly and without join lines, often with an integrated sink. Corian can be scoured with abrasive cleansers, which can actually help buff out small surface scratches and stains that occur with use.

Corian comes in a large range of colours and is completely compatible with wood, glass or stainless steel.

Corian is impact, heat and stain-resistant which makes it an ideal choice for kitchens, and you will find it in most bars and restaurants.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

A stainless-steel benchtop can be fabricated exactly to your specifications. This particular type of bench-top, is seamless and can include integrated sinks. It is very easy to keep clean and has a modern contemporary look.

Stainless steel is non-porous, extremely hygienic and can withstand the direct heat of pots and pans. It suits an understated, industrial and modern kitchen and it is commonly a favourite countertop of chefs. The drawback is not only the cost, but it tends to scratch easily and shows up watermarks and fingerprints.

Timber Benchtops

A timber benchtop is a natural product that can give the kitchen a warm, lived-in feeling and can wear well with age. If you decide to get a timber benchtop be aware that it will require more maintenance than the other surfaces as it is softer and more prone to water damage, however it can make a beautiful choice. Timber adds warmth and character to your kitchen benchtop.

Create Your Perfect Kitchen Benchtop Today

Our expert team can give you a free design consultation on your new kitchen when you choose from our sample of benchtops, so you know and understand the process and the design before we get started. We ensure that our expert team work closely with you and more importantly, listen to you. It’s your home that our team is working on and it’s important that you’re left happy with a new kitchen, new cabinets and new kitchen benchtop in Perth.

To find out more about how we can transform your kitchen with access to a wide range of benchtops in Perth, then contact our expert team or call us on (08) 9459 0632!