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Our Process

Bathroom renovations or a brand new kitchen are big investments. When you’re making such a big investment in your home, it is important to know the process and how everything comes together to get the job done.

This page aims to share an insight into Alltech Cabinets’ process from start to finish, whether we’re building new custom cabinets or completing a bathroom renovation.

The cabinet making industry is continuously evolving and innovating. It’s easy for any cabinetmaker to get stuck in the day-to-day operations of the business, without keeping the lines of communication open with their clients.

Our expert Perth cabinet makers and owners, Ruben and Michael, believe in transparency and keeping our clients informed every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Alltech Cabinets.


Step 1 – First enquiry:

From your initial phone, email or website enquiry, our first step is to arrange a face-to-face meeting between you and one of our expert designers. This is so we can get a thorough understanding of your needs and desires for the project.

Here’s the typical path following a quote request:

  • Our friendly team will give you a call to ask some initial qualifying questions and clarify your request
  • We then create a preliminary portfolio of options for the project based on our understanding of your requirements
  • Our sales consultant will then arrange an appointment with you to visit your home and explore the options available for creating a brand new kitchen or bathroom

Step 2 – Quotation stage:

We strongly believe in punctuality. If, on the day of your quotation appointment, we have unforeseeable delays, we will always call as early as possible to provide an estimated arrival time.

Once in your home, we like to listen and take note of your request before tailoring options that best fit your design and budget. With so many new and innovative products launched regularly, it’s our job to inform you on what will be most practical or functional for your space.

During the meeting, we will compile a plan for your project which will then be sent over to our design team. Our skilled designers will draw the first draft of the concept and our sales consultants will be able to formulate an accurate quote based on the drawings.

With any quote requests, we endeavour to return a quote to you within 48 hours of the face-to-face meeting. Your quote will be received via email or post, whichever you nominate.

Step 3- Acceptance of quotation:

This is fantastic news for us, as by now we have established a solid relationship with you and have the opportunity to turn your quote into one of our luxury kitchens or bathrooms.

Accepting your quote is easy. Simply reply to our quote email or give your sales consultant a call to confirm your acceptance and we will upgrade your file to a work order. You are now ready for your next visit from our production manager.
During this time, our production manager will review the quote thoroughly with you for a final check, as well as, finalise the measurements required for your project.

Step 4 -Final measure:

You’ve moved into production stage! It’s important you know who is looking after you in the event you have any questions. An appointment will be made with your production manager to cover the following:

  • Final check of your quote; this gives you the opportunity to make any alternations or ask us any questions you may have about your new kitchen or bathroom
  • Precise measuring of the space to ensure that your custom cabinets are designed to fit perfectly

Back in the office, our administration team will then cross check your account and update payments made. Variations to your account can be made and any details amended.

It is at this stage that we discuss installation dates and work on a timeline to complete your project. Working with the information we have on hand at the time, we set realistic timelines. Please note: When establishing timelines, there are many factors that may impact the expected delivery date. These include delays on materials or trades, interruptions to the finalisation of plans, appliance details and the size of your project.

Readjusting the timeline is not ideal for anyone, but our experience tells us that producing top quality cabinets under too much pressure always comes with consequences. We endeavor to keep any delays to an absolute minimum to avoid any rescheduling. We will keep you informed of any possible delays as we see them.

Step 5 –Drafting:

We now move onto drafting – this is where the fun begins. You will get to see your new kitchen or bathroom come to life! One of our experienced design members will be in touch with you to introduce themselves and provide an update on the project.

Behind the scenes is where all the action happens. With daily meetings between production and drafting, your project is discussed in more detail to ensure all information is accurate when entering this stage.

Once we’re satisfied that your design is accurate to your quote and plans provided, our team will draft a set of drawings which will include, 3D images, elevations and a floor plan.

Our latest design software gives a great understanding of what your new kitchen or bathroom will look like in great detail! Our aim, with these plans, is to provide as much visual detail as possible, so you can really see your kitchen or bathroom come to life. These plans will typically be sent to you via email. If changes are needed, then they can be amended accordingly.

Our draftsman plays a large role in your renovations as he will stay with you until the end of your project, ensuring everything goes according to plan. He also oversees the organising of all trades and is on hand to answer any questions you have along the way.

Once you have signed off on your drawings and all boxes haves been checked, your project is processed and materials ordered. With daily meetings between our factory foreman and design team, your project is discussed more in-depth and drawings are handed over to our production team.


Step 6 –Production:

Your design has now made it to the production floor. Our team of highly skilled tradesmen can start crafting your cabinets. With state-of-the-art CnC machines, your cabinets are shaped down to the millimetre to ensure all pieces fit together perfectly. Just like a jigsaw.

Our foreman works one-on-one with all staff throughout the construction of your cabinetry, with quality checks at each station. When it comes to quality, our policy is simple, “if we won’t have it in our home, we won’t install in in yours”.

Once we are satisfied that all the components are checked and fault-free, we can now start the build process. This process can take from as little as one day through to a week for more complex renovations. Before any cabinets are painted, they are fully assembled. This allows us to do another check to ensure all is right.

All of our cabinetry is 100% built in the factory before packing them, ready for shipping or installation. For many of our clients, this is where the process ends as they choose to self-install their kitchen or bathroom. However, let’s continue with the process in full. Your kitchen or bathroom will be securely stored in our waiting bay, ready for installation. During this time, it will be tested again to check for quality. A report will be created to document the results of our secondary testing. You may even see our sign off sheet that shows who completed a thorough quality check on your cabinetry.

Step 7 –Installation:

The day has arrived! It’s installation day!

Prior to the installation, a handover from the production foreman to the installers will take place, this gives them a good indication of what is involved in the install. The cabinetry is then packed securely into our delivery truck, along with two installers; bound for your house.

Two of our experienced installers will complete the installation to ensure the end result is to the highest standard and no corners are cut.

To make the installation a smooth process, there are a few things you can do to help, including:

  • leaving parking easily accessible
  • have all your items emptied from your old kitchen or bathroom
  • remove any items from walkways and hallways to ensure easy access to your renovation area

It’s best that you are home at this time as our installers may have a few questions for you including regarding handle locations and sink positions. It is your new kitchen or bathroom after all, so you get the final say on how you would like it to look.

We are so close now. Once your cabinetry is in, our installers will offer you the opportunity to inspect the quality and their workmanship. We ask that you complete the inspection form provided, including providing any feedback.

Once back at the office, our installers will meet with the draftsman to review the install and present your feedback.

At this point, we believe we have competed our obligation to you and our nominated design team member will call you the following day to recap on all events and ensure you are satisfied with the outcome.


Kitchen Renovations

Hooray! Your kitchen or bathroom renovation project is now completed. We’re confident you are enjoying your new kitchen or bathroom.

From our end, your project isn’t quite completed. “What else can there be?” we hear you ask. Well, that answer takes us into our final stage; our after care service.

After Care Service:

This is an area that we really pride ourselves on and one which often sets us apart from our competitors. Once your project is completed, we take all your gathered information and scan it into our database so that we have a copy of your file on hand for any warranty purposes.

Our workmanship is covered with a seven year guarantee and whilst some of our hardware exceeds this, we need to have this information ready and easily accessible.

Although it is very rare, if for any reason you find a fault in your cabinetry, we have made making a claim very simple. With all your details stored in our database, it’s simply a case of informing us of your details and we will send your maintenance request straight to the production manager for action.

Your claim should be attended to within 24 hours, including a phone call to you to keep you abreast of the progress of your claim. Our lead times with any maintenance is generally minimal and, depending on the item, can be resolved within a week.

And there you have it. A complete guide to partnering with Alltech Cabinets on your bathroom or kitchen renovations. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss any elements of this guide further.