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Cost of Stainless Steel Benchtops

favourite for many, stainless steel benchtops are a quintessential part of the modern-day kitchen, and are not just reserved for commercial hospitality environments. 

Both sleek and practical, our stainless steel benchtops are an excellent cost-effective investment as well as a seamless addition to your kitchen. 

Features of Stainless Steel Benchtops 

Aside from being effortless to clean, stainless steel is extremely heat-resistant as well as non-porous, making it an ideal yet stylish candidate for your next kitchen benchtop. 

While they suit most kitchens and offer an industrial feel, stainless steel benchtops may be more prone to having watermarks and scratches show. As well as that, stainless steel may also sustain scratches more easily as compared to other types of kitchen benchtops.  

Why Choose Alltech Cabinets 

With 30 years of combined experience, our tradesmen have the skill and precision to fabricate and install your brand new stainless steel benchtops to your specificationsAfter working out the details and costs of the job, we work alongside trusted architects, interior designers and contractors to carry out the vision you have in mind. 

Cost of Stainless Steel Benchtops 

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